COVID-19: We Are Taking Measures to Keep You Safe

6 Apr

It’s business as usual for Perth 4WD

We have taken additional measures and are practising social distancing, so Perth 4WD can protect his staff and customer whilst keeping their operations running smoothly.

Most of our activities can be conducted without direct physical contact with our customers.

  • Product enquiries and appointments can be booked over the phone or email
  • We can arrange for the parts you have purchased to be mailed to you
  • On-site quotes can be conducted without the client directly on the premises and sales followed up by email or phone
  • On-site fittings can be conducted without the client directly on the premises and sales followed up by email or phone
  • Contactless payment options available: bank transfer, payment over the phone
  • Our team is aware of preventive health guidelines and will respect them:
    – they will be wearing disposable gloves while touching cars and accessories
    – they will avoid direct contact as much as possible
    – they will regularly wash hands with soap as well as sanitiser

If you want to find out more about the coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, view the Health Government website page here.

Contactless Car Drop-Off system Available

If you wish to limit risk as much as possible when getting your car fitted or for an on-site quote, we have creates a contactless car drop off system if you have pre-paid the service and/or products or if you already have an account with us.

Here is how it works out:

  1. Arrange it while booking or prior the appointment
  2. Our team will collect a deposit via the contactless payment of your choosing
    Contactless payment options: bank transfer, PayPal, card payment via phone, Zippay, Afterpay.
  3. Park the car in front of the reception and leave keys in the car
    Our staff will be made aware your car has arrived and will take it from there.
  4. Total 4×4 staff to work on your car as agreed (for quoting or fitting)
    If any question or problem arises while your car is being worked on, our staff will call or SMS you.
    Car keys to be disinfected before and after use by staff.
    Car parts and accessories that were in direct contact with staff to be disinfected.
    Staff to wear disposable gloves.
  5. Receive call or SMS when car is ready for pick up
    Car will be parked in front of the reception area and the keys will be left in it.
  6. Settle invoice with a contactless payment method