Why Is Coolant / Antifreeze Different Colours?

Is 2WD Really More Efficient Than 4

There is a lot of debate around the efficiency of 2WD vehicles compared to their 4WD counterparts. Defenders of the 2WD claim such vehicles are more economical and therefore superior. On the 4WD side, it’s claimed that the difference in efficiency is negligible and that the capabilities of 4WDs more than outweigh it. The team at Perth 4WD got

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Caring For Your Winter Tyres

Winter in Perth, and more generally Australia, is the season when it rains the most, which means the way you drive and the way you look at your car should differ from any other season. Rain and wet roads affect your visibility, reaction time and the ability of your car to slow down. Based on this, you should double the braking distance you

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Why Is Coolant / Antifreeze Differe

Have you ever wondered how pink, orange, blue and green engine coolants differ from each other? Perhaps you’ve bought a car, checked the coolant/antifreeze reservoir for the first time and noticed it was different from your last car. The colour of engine coolant isn’t there to make it look pretty. There are historical reasons why it comes in

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