Our Top 5 Accessories for Your 4WD

22 Jun

Purchasing a new or used 4WD is just the beginning if you’re serious about off-road adventures. There is an almost limitless range of accessories and add-ons out there for your adventure wagon, from the practical to the lifesaving to the simply awesome.

The team at Perth 4WD Centre have put our heads together and come up with our top 5 accessories for someone venturing out with their first 4WD.

A Front Bar

Whether you call it a bull bar, a roo bar or something else, a sturdy front bar on your 4WD is essential. A front bar provides protection for vital engine components and headlights in the event of a collision with hefty wildlife. For strength, you can’t go past a steel bar – although if you’ll be doing a lot of driving on sand or other soft materials, you might want something more lightweight like aluminium. Just make sure your front bar complies with airbag triggering requirements and, if you also use your 4WD around town, remove the bull bar to avoid endangering pedestrians. Read this artcile if you’re unsure whether you need a bull bar or not.

Cargo Barrier for Safety and Convenience

All the safety features in the world aren’t much use if you have unrestrained cargo. All cargo in a 4WD should be restrained, but the fact is there will often be some loose items or items that come loose when cargo hooks fail. Even seemingly innocuous items can become deadly projectiles in a crash.

Get yourself a sturdy cargo barrier. It will stop heavy objects moving forward in an accident and contributes to the vehicle’s body strength in the case of a roll-over.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

The health of your tyres is of paramount importance. You need a system that will warn you of a leak in a tyre before it causes more problems, such as a flat tyre or even a blow-out. The best options are tyre-mounted sensors that read pressure and temperature in each tyre and transmit that information to a display inside the vehicle. This allows you to monitor the state of each tyre individually and in real-time.

Storage Solutions

The cargo area of your 4WD can become a bit of a situation without proper storage. Don’t spend half your time searching around in the chaos you’ve created. Instead, get some good drawers that can lock into your cargo area. They’ll allow you to keep things organised, compartmentalised, and neat, which will make your whole trip a lot more enjoyable.

Cold Beers and Snags and 4WDing? Yes Please!

It’s great to get away from the city to a campsite deep in the bush. But that doesn’t mean you want to live off canned tuna, powdered milk coffee and warm beer. Get yourself a good-sized 12-Volt fridge to take along for the ride. Reward yourself after a hard day of driving with cold beer and fresh meat ready for the frying pan and wake up to fresh milk in your coffee.

Accessories aren’t the only thing your 4WD will need. You’ll need the best parts and regular servicing too. Come and visit us at Perth 4WD Centre, contact us online, or give us a call on 08 9470 1755.