New Parts

If you’re looking for high quality new 4WD parts, you’ve come to the right place. At Perth 4WD Centre we stock a huge range of top quality new parts. And if we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we can source almost any new part for a 4WD from our extensive range of dealers across the globe.

Our New Parts In Stock

Whether you’re an adventure-seeker, a hard worker, a tourer or all of the above, we stock 4WD new parts and accessories for just about every modern make and model. Our extensive range includes all of the most commonly required new parts and more. All of our new parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers and subject to rigorous quality control by our in-house specialists so that you can get the best possible parts for your 4WD needs. We also supply budget-friendly used 4WD parts and accessories in excellent working conditions.

Our new parts in stock typically include:

  • Engine gasket sets
  • Tail lights, Headlights
  • Door mirrors
  • Air, oil and fuel filters
  • Universal joints
  • Gearbox kits
  • Swivel housing kits
  • New and serviced second-hand cylinder heads

Our range of quality accessories typically includes:

  • Bull bars
  • Winches
  • Air snorkel kits

Visit our Welshpool, Perth workshop or call us on (08) 9470 1755 to find out if the parts you need are currently in stock.

Our Extensive Dealer Network

At Perth 4WD Centre, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers, so if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll happily source it. Access to an extensive list of dealers means we can source almost any parts you need at competitive prices.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Perth 4WD Centre, we don’t cut corners on quality. Our parts and vehicles are sourced from all over Australia so we can confidently supply the best quality available at the best price possible. We provide a guarantee on all new parts we supply, regardless of the brand.

For more information about new 4WD parts, call our friendly team on (08) 9470 1755 or contact us online.