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4WD Dismantling: Get The Most Value For Your Old Car

There comes a time where you’re going to have to decide whether your vehicle is worth fixing or if it’s beyond repair.

To help make this decision, our expert dismantling team can provide a thorough inspection to see if your vehicle is repairable or is best dismantled, and parts sold individually.

As one of Perth’s preferred 4WD wreckers of choice, we buy damaged or redundant 4×4’s of most makes & models, and will strive to get you a competitive price on the value of your car. 

Even if your car has been involved in an accident, as long as there are still functioning components, we may still buy it.

Talk to our team to find out what is the best option for you.


Benefits of Having Your Old Car Dismantled

1. Make some quick, easy cash. If you’re sick and tired of dealing with your 4WD breaking down, dismantling could be your best option. Dismantle your vehicle and get top dollar for it’s spare parts.

2. Hassle free removal service. Why pay for a tow truck or removalist when you can remove your vehicle for free, maybe even make some cash? Based on your location, we’ll remove your vehicle, dismantle it, and give you cash for parts. 

 3. Auto Recycling is Eco-friendly. The longer you leave your vehicle, the more environmental damage it causes, as it deteriorates. Legally dispose of your vehicle and get money for recycled parts.


A stress-free process

Our mechanics have the necessary training, and follow a strict process to ensure the professional dismantling your vehicle.. Depending on your location, we are happy to collect your vehicle as long as you have all the necessary documentation.  Very rarely is a car a lost cause with our dedicated team, technologically advanced equipment and state-of-the-art workshop.


Easy, Hassle-free 4WD Dismantling in Perth

Is your vehicle at a point where the cost of the repair is more than the value of the car?

It may be time to contact one of Perth 4WD wreckers company.

If you’re looking for the best deal in Perth for your unwanted used four-wheel drive or SUV, contact Perth 4WD Centre.

Our expert team of dedicated mechanics have the necessary training and qualifications and follow a strict dismantling process to ensure you get the most value for your vehicle.

Depending on your location, we are happy to collect your vehicle as long as you have all the necessary documentation.  

When it comes to appraising your vehicle, we take into consideration the model, age and condition of the vehicle. All vehicles are checked for faults before parts are removed, catalogued and stored for sale.

Very rarely is a car a lost cause, and we’ll take everything into consideration to make sure you get the best offer.

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Affordable and Good Working Condition Spare Parts

With our dismantling service, we are able to regularly source high quality used parts. 

Our team of highly trained mechanics will dismantle your vehicle, carefully selecting 4×4 parts that are in safe and working condition. 

These car used parts are then thoroughly tested and checked to make sure it works perfectly before being cleaned, reconditioned and offered for sale.

At Perth 4WD Centre, we ensure you receive nothing but a high-quality product when you buy a second-hand auto part

Some reusable parts can include starter motors, wheels, headlights, and side-view mirrors. Contact us today and discover how you can benefit from our services.


Professional 4×4 Wreckers and SUV Dismantling in Perth

We dismantle and wreck most 4WD makes and models from the world’s most trusted brands, including:

  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Jeep
  • Land Rover
  • Holden
  • Ford

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